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  • Currently based in Taipei, TW.
  • Email: muse.noire@gmail.com
  • A cat-person born before Spring Equinox
  • Taiwanese: 1/2 Hakka, 5/8 Hok-ló, 1/8 Pingpu
  • Compose music swinging between meditative ecstasy and subconscious chaos.
  • Fond of Cats, Coffee, Fitness Training, and Star-Gazing
  • Musical Omnivorous


Full Bio & CV

Born in Taiwan, composer-performer Yu-Hsin Chang received her Ph. D. degree in music composition and theory from University of California, Davis, USA. Her composition mentors include Prof. Pablo Ortiz, Kurt Rohde, Sam Nichols and Chin-Yu Lin. Chang’s research interests include classical music, contemporary music, algorithmic composition, and traditional Asian music. Her works primarily exemplify postmodernism. Based on her thorough research and practice, Chang aims to deconstruct the traditions and traits of Asian music, and then to reconstruct with the techniques of contemporary music as well as the process she perceives these artistic legacies. Her music reflects an intriguing complex reminiscent of multiple styles. Through these works featuring sparkling timbre and compelling pulses, she explores the boundary between a meditative nature and a subconscious turmoil. Chang’s work has been featured worldwide. She attended the Cortona Sessions, Etchings Festival, IMPULS Festival, MISE-EN Festival, Shanghai New Music Week, Weiwuying Contemporary Music Platform, and Workshop for composers by Peter Eötvös Contemporary Music Foundation. The musicians she has worked with include Tony Arnold, Geoffrey Burleson, Chai-Found Music Workshop, Daedalus Quartet, Earplay Ensemble, Empyrean Ensemble, Ensemble MISE-EN, Gramercy Trio, Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra, Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, and Pipa-Ensemble. She is a recipient of Chai-Found Music Workshop International Sizhu Music Composition Competition, National Theatre and Concert Hall Composition Competition, Literary and Artistic Creation Award of Ministry of Education, and several sponsorships for overseas studies.

張譽馨,臺灣臺中人,美國戴維斯加州大學(University of California, Davis)作曲與音樂理論哲學博士、國立臺灣師範大學藝術學碩士、藝術學學士,通過100年度教育部公費留學考試選送赴美深造,就學期間曾獲行天宮資賦優異學生長期培育獎學金,研究專精領域為古典音樂、當代音樂、演算法作曲、亞洲傳統音樂與戲曲等。作曲由林進祐教授於中學時期啟蒙,赴美後師事Prof. Pablo Ortiz、Prof. Kurt Rohde、Prof. Sam Nichols等人。竹笛演奏資歷逾十年,熟習中國南派、北派經典獨奏曲目與絲竹室內樂,截至2019年曾首演近10首國人作品。身兼作曲者與演奏者,創作觀體現後現代主義的脈絡,透過長期的研究與參與,解構亞洲傳統音樂的時間性、語法、美學觀、符號等表徵,嘗試以當代音樂創作語彙建構所體悟的美感與思辯的過程。近年活躍於國際型音樂活動,曾參與Cortona Sessions、Etchings Festival、IMPULS Festival、MISE-EN Festival、Peter Eötvös作曲工作坊、上海音樂院當代音樂週、武生國際音樂祭、衛武營當代音樂平台進行交流與演出。合作團隊與藝術家包括Daedalus Quartet、Earplay Ensemble、Empyrean Ensemble、Ensemble MISE-EN、Gramercy Trio、小巨人絲竹樂團、加拿大新音樂團(Nouvel Ensemble Moderne)、采風樂坊、琵琶雅集、女高音Tony Arnold、鋼琴家Geoffrey Burleson等人,展演紀錄橫跨歐、美、亞洲多個國家。作品曾獲選教育部文藝創作獎、兩廳院《樂典》國人音樂創作優選、第四屆上海當代音樂週國際學生弦樂四重奏徵件、采風國際絲竹樂作曲比賽,並收錄於CD《荻生笛聲—蔡佳芬長笛雋永集》。( 2019.11.04)

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