List of Compositions | 作品集

For Solo and Duet

A Deconstruction of 5, for one Percussionist (2017)

Falling Snow, Fallen Petals  for Recorder and Cello (2016)

Pursuing, for solo Pipa (Chinese Lute) (2013)

For Chamber

Alpine Wrath, for Septet (2017)

While Fragrant Grasses Rooted in, for Sextet (2018)

Hana, Hibana (Summer Blooms) for Five Pipa (2019)

Orchestral Piece

Sea Tide under Lunar Eclipse, for the Orchestra (2017)

Diéliànhuā (After enduring a bitter Separation, 蝶戀花–閱盡天涯離別苦), for Soprano, Chinese Flute and Orchestra (2013)


Confessions–a reflection on Bai Ju-Yi’s Song of Pipa, for Pipa and String Quartet《訴–讀唐詩琵琶行有感》琵琶與弦樂四重奏版 吳厚元曲 張譽馨編 (2013)

Short Film scoring 

The Rabbit (2008) (excerpt)

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